The March 19th luncheon as been canceled due to COVID-19 .  We will try reschedule this event at a later time.

The Strategic Brand Management Speaker Ryan White WSU

At our March Luncheon, Ryan White, Professor with Winona State University, will discuss how Strategic brand management can be a source of sustained competitive advantage if executed properly. Unfortunately, how to build a “strong” brand is often discussed yet often misunderstood. Building a “strong” brand requires more than choosing an attractive logo, a cool font, and a good color scheme – it requires an understanding of the role brands play in customers lives and the implications for marketers.
You will leave with:

  1. An understanding of the biggest problem facing your customers and why your customers struggle to solve this problem.
  2. An understanding of the role brands play in helping your customers solve the biggest problem they have in their life.
  3. An understanding of the real definition of “brand loyalty”.